End of Project Update

Our project, TANDEM, has come to an end in July 2022 and it’s time to take a look back at all the interesting work and impact the project has covered. 


To kick off this project, the transnational partnership conducted research through desk research and questionnaires to create an interactive map on language diversity and key competences of migrant and local adults in each of the involved countries, concerning the ability to communicate in different languages, cultural awareness and digital skills. Take a look at our findings here: https://teachyourlanguage.eu/interactive-maps/ 

Once the research was completed and assessed, we continued our work by holding focus groups with language teachers who work with the Task Based Language Teaching method (TBLT). From these focus groups, we compiled an open textbook with theoretical and practical exercises to learn about TBLT. http://teachyourlanguage.eu/media/IO2-tandem-complete-en.pdf 

Following this, the MOOC content creation began. The partners created 5 modules on how to use TBLT for the teaching of a language in order to turn it into an asset for employability and social integration. This learning opportunity is especially for migrants, but it is also open to anyone who is interested in acquiring a flexible technique to teach a language. Enroll in the course in German, English, Italian or Greek!

To promote the impact of the skills learned in the MOOC, language cafes were organized in which newly trained migrant language teachers could practice their teaching with local adults, while at the same time learning the local language. In this way, the language cafes were a tandem learning experience for all participants. We created a handout to use for designing one’s own language exchanges.

Lastly, the partnership created a framework that supports skill screening, assessment and validation in non-formal language teaching, including learning objectives, assessment methods, evaluation rubrics, a badge system and a certificate. This is helpful in presenting a structure for non-formal language teaching so that participants can continue using the resources in an impactful way. The framework can be found in the partner languages here: http://teachyourlanguage.eu/media/tandem-io5-en.pdf 

While this project faced some hardships due to Covid and restrictions on meeting in person, the partnership worked hard to ensure the success and positive impact of the project. The project’s will remain open and free for interested participants to continue learning the TBLT method and promotion of cultural awareness.