FAQs about our online courses

What are online courses?

Online courses are interactive digital lessons just like a standard language course. Our online courses combine video conferences (with Zoom) and interactive materials on a Moodle platform to help you learn. This way you’ll have the “face-to-face” dynamic with a teacher and fellow students as well as originally designed exercises that test what you’ve learned. The online exercises on the Moodle platform include guided practice and also allows the teacher to provide you with feedback and upload new materials.

Who are the teachers for the online courses?

The teachers are the same German teachers for our in-person courses. All of our teachers are certified German teachers and have certification from the BAMF. They are experienced users of the Moodle platform and are the ones designing the online lessons.

Are textbooks used? 

Yes, the Online courses use the same books as our in-person courses. You will also receive more exercises and interactive materials via the Moodle platform.

Do students receive a certification for these courses?

Yes, you will receive certification upon completion of the modules. The courses follow the same syllabus as in-person courses and are recognized by the BAMF. 

How do students enroll in these online courses? 

After completing a placement test or submitting the paperwork from the official office, you will be sent detailed instructions by email. You’ll be instructed on how to join the Moodle platform and when and how to join your course. You can also always contact our office for more help at info@iberika.de