“Deutsch für den Beruf” Course 

This course offers job-related language support in German, which is based on the integration courses and focuses on improving language skills for the job. These German courses correspond to the measures of the Federal Employment Agency.

The “Deutsch für den Beruf” course consists of 400 lessons and covers level A2 to C1.

Level A2

The A2 course is the second level of basic language use. The A2 course consists of 100 units. The learning objectives of the A2 course are to learn the most common structures, idioms and routines to cope with simple communicative tasks in the workplace. In order to be able to participate in this course, the participants must not yet have reached level A2 (despite having attended an integration course).

Level B1

The B1 course is the first level of independent language use and it consists of 100 units. It is the basis language level required for entry level job opportunities and for entering further qualification measures or work placements. This course prepares participants for the next levels (B2-C1) of job-related German language skills. 

Level B2

The B2 course is the second level of independent language use. The B2 course consists of 100 units and the aim is to achieve skills such as making small talk, expressing one’s own points of view or reading instruction manuals, which are also of great use in non-work contexts.

Level C1

Level C1 is considered the last level of competent language use for professional requirements. The C1 course consists of 100 units and prepares participants to use the language effectively and flexibly in social and professional life. The C1 course is defined in eight job-related fields of activity. 

Who can participate in a “Deutsch für den Beruf” course?


– Are you registered as a job-seeker and/or do you usually receive benefits according to SGB II (Hartz IV) or SGB III (unemployment benefit)?


– Are you looking for an apprenticeship, are you already in training or are you currently undergoing the recognition procedure for your vocational or training qualification?


– Have you already attended an integration course and not passed the German test for immigrants?


– Are you going through the recognition procedure for your vocational or training qualification?


– Do you have a migration background and a need for further language training?


The employment agencies and job centres decide who takes part in the professional language courses. Please contact your advisor.

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