Open Educational Resources (OER) Town


The OER Town project is aimed at low-skilled adults with a migrant background and aims to promote social and economic integration into the host society and labor market. The project will develop and test an innovative non-formal training approach. At a time when the integration of refugees and migrants is particularly urgent, local communities face numerous difficulties due to increasing cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity as well as socio-economic inequality.

With the help of an app for cell phones, we want to give all interested parties access to a growing database of learning options that users can freely choose according to their needs in terms of location and subject matter. At the same time, teachers, educational providers, local communities, civil society organizations and authorities will receive material and a methodology to develop their own high-quality learning options tailored to the specific needs of migrants and refugees.

Project Partners:

University of the Basque Country, Spain – Coordinator

Active Citizens Partnership, Greece


Verein Multikulturell, Austria

CESIE, Italy

iberika Education Group gGmbh, Germany

Project Number: Erasmus+ 2019-1-ES01-KA204-064316

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OER Town Project Objectives

OER Town Project Objectives

Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees face many challenges in the integration process. These include language barriers in access to services, lack of information, discrimination and prejudice on the part of the native population. This makes it difficult for them to...

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